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These pictures are the medals that were for each stage of the original LOST run that took place from April of 2013 to May of 2014.  It was a 6 stage run that earned you a dharma medal for each of the 10 stations.  The series medal was earned for completing the first 6.  This virtual run was a huge success and many of the participants have become friends of mine.

Archives - 2013
Station 1 - Hydra 4k
Station 2 - Arrow 8k

Station 3 - Swan 15k

Station 4 - Flame 16k

Station 5 - Pearl 23k

Station 6 - Orchid 42k



Station 7 - Staff 7k

Station 8 - Looking Glass 8.15k

Station 9 - Tempest 9k

Station 10 - Lamp Post 10k

It is at this time that I am happy to announce the reopening of the Get LOST in Running Virtual Run!!  Race proceeeds, outside of cost of medals and shipping, will be donated to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Unlike the original LOST run back in 2013, this version will only be 1 stage of 108k, the toal of all the infamous numbers.  The distance can be broken up however you like since it is all based on the honor system.  The medal is a very large 3 1/2" and is the picture that you see above.  Once you are registered, I will add you to the private Facebook page where you can post pictures, comment or ask questions.  This is a great group to be included in.  By signing up for this run, you will be helping me get closer to my fundraising goal, earn an awesome and very unique LOST medal, be part of an awesome group of people to connect with and also be entered into a raffle to win 1 of the 2 medal displays, pictured below, that were donated to me by Allied Medal Displays to help with my fundraiser.  This raffle will take place after the race in April.


If anyone is interested in making a direct donation as well, you can click on the Donation button below.

Updated 11-21-2015


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